The truck, Canter of Japan are high-performance

With the Canter, production of Mitsubishi Fuso truck bus Co., Ltd. is a light truck to sell. A first Canter, T720 type made its debut in (1963) in 1963 and built the base of the light truck of Mitsubishi Fuso afterward.
Canter adopts world's first DTC (dual clutch type AMT) for a light truck for the eighth generation released in (2010) in 2010. I attach a disc brake made in Brembo company to all car models and realize operability and safety near a car.
Mitsubishi Fuso belongs to the Daimler group, and the highest technique is spent as a world car of the light trucks, and "the Canter Eco hybrid" released in (2012) in 2012 clears regulation for mileage performance of the class top of 12.8km/l and a post-new long term. I win "a 2013 RJC Car of the Year special prize" as a commercial vehicle for the first time and receive a globally high evaluation.
The Mitsubishi Canter is popular at all among small size, medium size, large size and all from height of the performance and reliability. The commercial car such as the Canter is strongly bought in all parts of the world.